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Business succession
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In January 18, 2013, the group construction enterprises 30 anniversary celebration and inheritance Congress was held in the group this conference building. In the tradition of the handover ceremony, Shengda Group founder Fang Wuxiao couples, is the symbol of power transmission gold seal to the chairman of the board of directors, the new leader Fang Nengbin, is the symbol of the golden key to open the future to the president's new president and director of the Bureau, the new head of Fang Cong art, is the symbol of inheriting the supervision of gold the ruler gave President, the new supervisory bureau of new control Shen Lei. Thus, in order to can a new generation of Sheng bin is the core of the group management team formation, they will be the 50 anniversary of when construction enterprises for years revenue exceeded 50000000000 yuan, profits and taxes 5000000000 yuan as the goal, work steadily, creating Shengda Group more beautiful tomorrow.

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