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The Group partially organize 300 advanced employees two days tour in China.
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In 2012, for the win, is the development of a year, a breakthrough year, a year of harvest, a glorious year, happy year, more brilliant achievements, outstanding performance of the year. All this, cannot do without each and every one of the staff for their hard work and efforts, they sweat and efforts of the Shengda fruitful today, is their hard work as Shengda paved a path to success is not to move or retreat road; they pay and dedication as Shengda created brilliant today; they dare be a person first, innovative ideas for Shengda outlined the infinite expanse of tomorrow. Every time they pay, every effort enterprises have in mind, because they have a win today.
In 2012, the correct leadership in the group board of directors, we successfully completed over 10 billion mark, also successfully held construction enterprises 30 anniversary celebration of the general assembly and transmission assembly, at this very moment enterprises did not forget to win the sweat and labor for their employees, enterprise development and progress into the blood the sweat and toil. The group selected 300 make contribution to the company's advanced employees, commend and reward.
In people-oriented enterprise, create the sharing principle, carry forward the enterprise culture, enhancing the cohesion of the enterprise, further stimulate staff's work enthusiasm, initiative and enthusiasm, increase their sense of belonging, to get adequate rest and relaxation staff; at the same time, adhering to the "development of enterprises, for the benefit of employees, to serve the society". Responsibility for the mission, to affirm the achievements, encourage advanced, reward model, in order to further reflect the advanced employees respect and esteem to the labor glorious spirit, inspire the advanced producers enthusiasm, group respectively in June 15th, 16 day and 22 day, 23 day organized advanced more than 300 employees in Jiangsu and Suzhou Wuxi movie and Television City Garden Tourism two days. The tour aims to commend advanced, improve staff welfare, to get adequate rest and relaxation staff.

The trip lasted 2 days, from the Wuxi three television city to Suzhou garden, visit the scenic spot, the imagination of pleasure. Verdant green of the army, and at the foot of the scenic Taihu lake, a powerful army and pistachio Shen, borrow arrows with thatched boats have a blurred vision, the fire Chibi shout like be personally on the scene, this is the movie. "The garden of Suzhou is not virtual mass, God craftsman skilled cloth landscape; Shuixie pavilions through aura, flowers and trees with thick cultural landscape, Jiangnan; calligraphy indeed Zhang civilization; natural simplicity as art, rare when Fairy" graceful landscape, quiet and beautiful is steeped in thick comfortable, give a person "not everyone from Yue Lin" Shu Xin, intoxicated people "hurt", this is the best in all the land of forest have reputation -- Suzhou garden. The beautiful environment and washed employees past hard work tired and boring journey. Walk through the garden and colleagues a talk cheerfully and humorously, as if into the garden of Eden, elegant quiet, old boring, boring and tired at this time already disappear in smoke. The two day, they visited the studio and Suzhou garden, the first deep bear witness to the history of the Three Kingdoms, the first and the best in all the land of forest close contact.
The tour received strong support and attach great importance to the high-level group, organization and coordination management office responsible person in the group and each base, departments, the captain of the heart under the lead end.
Over the years, rich life of staff, improving the welfare of employees, increase employee knowledge. The company for the best advanced, excellent staff, adhere to the combination of spiritual and material rewards. Spiritual incentive, convention exhibition, recognition or newspaper to material rewards, bonuses and integration of tourism.
One, affirming the achievements, awards for outstanding
The organization of tourism is on the hard work, make the results of staff fully affirmed and recognized, reflecting its value and sense of honor, the second is to let the hard work a year workers rest, to relax, to let employees feel the company has been paying attention to them, take care of them, has been to improve the treatment of them in the try various devices to again, is to let more people go out to have a look, outside, increase experience outside of work; the last is to increase the cohesion between the company and the employee, strengthen communication and exchanges between employees.
Two, the unified thought, unity and harmony
Company organization tourism is to develop learning model workers, advanced deeds, to carry forward the glorious labor for the spirit of the theme of educational activities, and actively guide the employees take the initiative into the rapid development of the company in the past, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees. Unity of thinking, unify the understanding, strengthen communication and learning, solidarity, to reach a consensus.
Three, the heart, improve staff welfare
The organization of tourism show benevolence. Incentive travel, not only reflects the company's advanced example encouragement and recognition, but also the friendship, promote unity, demonstrates the benefits of the company. To further enhance the company for the benefit of employees, responsibility and mission, employee welfare, improve enrich the lives of employees.
Feel very proud, to participate in the activities of the advanced staff is very proud, deeply felt, a high level of confidence in the staff and the loving care, but feel more responsibility on the body.
Travel back, they said: will put greater enthusiasm to the work, to lead all staff based on their positions, enhance the sense of responsibility, dedication, pioneering and innovative, to create extraordinary performance on ordinary post, in their own words and deeds to drive around staff, for the completion of the production business tasks and make new contributions, zaizhuhuihuang. Through this activity, more closer to the distance between colleagues, increased the mutual exchange and communication, the increase in staff humanistic knowledge at the same time, also display the company concern for employees and care.
The tourism not only reflects the enterprise wins Tatsu care for employees, but also to enhance the staff of the enterprise, it is the emotional interaction and communication, an emotional is once again a warm embrace between enterprise and staff, staff and staff, staff and nature, feel each other in the embrace of love and warmth, in hugs charm, found in each other's advantages and strengths, in hug friend, hand in hand, create success in the embrace, continue to write more beautiful brilliant chapter for the development of shengda.

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