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Carry forward the virtue, innovation and Set up the character, Great achievements—Group party committee organization learning all party member to the southwest of zhejiang revolutionary base areas
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All Party members, party organization in Southwest Zhejiang revolutionary base to study

Warmly celebrate the founding of the Chinese Communist Party for 92 anniversary, sing the praises of the party's great achievements, to express the members love the party, patriotism, devotion dedication, enthusiasm, further play the League branch fighting force and cohesion, maintain the advanced and exemplary role of Party members, show the group spirit and the construction of characteristic Shengda confidence and determination, Shengda Group Party committee from June 30th to July 1st all party according to the revolutionary deeds of advanced study in Southwest Zhejiang revolution.
In the Communist Party of China Shengda Group party secretary Fang Wu, deputy secretary of Party committee of university group Fang Lin, deputy secretary of Party committee Yu Chan group equality group Party committee under the leadership of the leadership, deputy party secretary of the town of Wu Jianhua, Xiaoshan district party secretary Huang Miaogen to our instructor, the River Xiaoshan District special help enterprises such as full-time cadres clock Shajie leaders personally involved in the under the guidance of the group, the branch has from Jiangsu, Jiangnan base and group general part of the three batch of 10 points, on the morning of June 30th flower bridge in Lishui City Bauhinia concentration after confluence time to visit the city of Lishui is located in the southwest of Zhejiang revolutionary base. After nearly one and a half hour to visit and study, all Party members once again the profound understanding to the revolutionary martyrs of the new China's establishment of confidence and courage, once again feel the difficult revolutionary martyrs to the construction of new China and not easily, their dauntless spirit of sacrifice and in the hard environment still maintain high fighting spirit again encouraged every party member. After the visit, every Party member to pay a profound understanding, in their ordinary positions on the hard silently, is the best gift to the party, the motherland, to win the best reward. The Southwest Zhejiang revolutionary base to visit and study for each party to a profound experience: when confronted with difficulties, to overcome difficulties, the initiative to find solutions; when the setback, to correctly analyze the causes, start again; when by leading critics, to discard the resentment, serious reflection, to find out shortcomings and correct immediately; when by comrades misunderstanding, to timely communication, rather than let the conflicting advice and wanton accumulation.

All Party members went to Longquan in July 1st to start the 92 anniversary of the founding learning conference. In the passionate and solemn in Congress party song prelude, the following agenda: the Shengda Group Deputy Party Secretary Yu Canping report, party work the Shengda Group party secretary Fang Wu school to all Party members on the party, the river course of vice secretary of town Party committee Wu Jianhua made an important speech. The conference by the Communist Party of China Shengda Group Deputy Party Secretary Fang Lin presided over the.
The first item on the agenda of the general assembly by the Shengda Group Deputy Party Secretary Yu Canping made the report of Party work. The report is divided into two blocks: summary of work in 2012 and 2013 work plan. In 2012, the strong leadership of the Party committee at Shengda Group of ranking Party committee, adhere to the party should supervise, strictly, strengthening the party's ruling ability construction as the focus, ideology, organization, style and system building comprehensively promote the enterprise party building work. To play the political core role in enterprise development and in the masses of workers in the party's leading role, according to enterprise development needs, and the grass-roots party construction work and the exemplary vanguard role of Party member into a powerful driving force for promoting the development of enterprises.
2012 year review comprehensively promote the party building work and summary: 1, to carry out the party class education, study and implement the spirit of the meeting featured eighteen -- play the political core role of strong party spirit; 2, do the work of developing party members, strengthen the leadership team construction, strengthen construction -- organization construction foundation; 3, carry out the theme of education, to form a healthy atmosphere, the Party group to build, rich staff life -- organizations construction activities poly people; 4, the face of seminars in the form of staff and management layer close distance, actively participate in the cadre work review meeting, give full play to the mass democratic assessment of cadres functions -- Safeguarding Workers' rights and interests in the harmonious; 5, adhere to the practical engineering cohesion; 6, put forward five plans inheritance and innovation of Party Construction work.
In 2012, the group Party building work closely to promote the healthy development of the requirements of enterprises, and actively explore new ideas, new methods to strengthen the work of Party building in non-public enterprises, and achieved certain results. In 2013, group Party committee will continue to thoroughly implement the eighteen meeting of the party spirit, the spirit of the important speech closely around the group secretary of the Party committee at the beginning of the end of the year the party convention, further play the political core role of the party, strengthening Party member management, play with the advance party. In 2013 the group Party Committee include the following aspects: to promote the work of Party building, strengthen the self construction of Party member 1, completes the class tree prestige; 2, strengthening the construction of Party member team, push to play the exemplary vanguard role of Party members; 3, to strengthen party members and assessment efforts, specification of Party member team management; 4, strengthening the party organization activities of normal develop, maintain the organization vitality; 5, to strengthen party appraisal standard, promote the party advanced role; 6, strengthen external propaganda, enhance the party building influence.
The second item on the agenda is the Communist Party of China Shengda Group party secretary Fang Wu school to all members of the party lectures. The first run of the event is to visit the Southwest Zhejiang revolutionary base. Southwest of the Communists and the revolutionary masses always no confidence shaken revolution victory, they fought, fought bravely, never yield in spite of reverses. They give us inspiration is: full of thorns and challenge of innovation on the road, as the Communist Party members should always maintain the advanced sex of party, not afraid of sacrifice, not afraid of difficulties, tenacious struggle, dare to struggle. Meeting, party I school emphasizes, in the internationalization, globalization, the globalization of today, the international situation vary from minute to minute today, we first need to understand the current situation and form fully, only prepared to do, see the situation in order to grasp the trend of the situation, control. The eighteen big since, China entered a new era of Xi Jinping, China's diplomacy is a great adjustment and layout, the future economic policies will also have greater steering. Our new foreign opening, will usher in a new situation. Xi Jinping first visit to Russia, the United States Secretary after the visit, to further deepen the Sino Russia, Sino US diplomatic relations, changed the Chinese tense diplomatic situation, Li Keqiang prime minister has visited India, Pakistan, Switzerland, Germany, the Islamic development layout of Chinese economy lay stable foundations, but also has the unusual significance to maintaining security and stability in China the. Once again we must correctly grasp the trend of the economy. The currency of international competition, financial storm, due to the global economic downturn, in such circumstances, how to maintain China's GDP continues to grow, to keep up the development and progress, is each of us should know and consider. At present our rising labor costs, various taxes and fees burden very heavy, overproduction, financing costs and so on a series of problems, we must fully understand the current economic situation, reasonable positioning, identify suitable points help enterprises reform, help enterprises innovation. All members of our proposed last proof according to the requirements of learning general secretary: that time "look in the mirror, take a shower, wash clothes, cure". Moment "mirror" to "self purification, time is dressed to self perfection", "take a shower to wash time" self innovation, constantly "cure" to self improve. As a member of the Communist Party we should resolutely get rid of formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagance, to grasp the direction of enterprise operation, control of foreign investment, to rectify the existing industry, ensure that rises as the recent strategic stability, to condense the heart of employee, summon the staff strength, create the efficiency of enterprises and to improve the treatment of employees as our development tactics, unremittingly efforts. Members of the Communist Party in the transition period the key to the burner know monster determination, sand monk guard enterprise heart and pig eat help enterprises find the development of persistence and the Tang Priest integrity. Afraid to go through untold hardships, through the numerous hills and streams, overcome numerous difficulties and dangers, seized a million silver, a hundred years to build up.
Third session item on the agenda is the river town Party committee deputy secretary Wu Jianhua made an important speech. Wu Secretary stressed: 1, as a member of the Communist Party should always maintain the advanced sex of the party. Win the people's support and support is not possible without the advanced sex of the party. The advanced sex of the party from a long history of the party, is the premise and basis of Party members and self perfection and improvement. If the loss of the advanced sex of the party will lose the springhead, the party is not qualified to talk about advanced. As Marx's ruling party, our party has always attached great importance to and continue to maintain its advanced nature, it is our party always win people's trust and support, always keep the progress and development of the basic, consolidate the ruling status of the party, the root cause of the party and national prosperity, Changzhi for a long time. 2, as a member of the Communist Party to victory. Strengthening thought, strengthen armed with the theory, management team. Adhere to and carry forward the fine style of the Communist and reinforce party spirit culture and party spirit exercise combination, to strengthen the party's ideology, political consciousness, crisis consciousness, responsibility consciousness, to carry out the work, to maintain the advanced sex of the party requirements are implemented. To win, as a power to the motherland a better future.
General assembly in solemn International Song ended. After the meeting, Party committee of all party visited Longquan sword factory and Longquan celadon Industry Park, learning sword masters thoroughly tempered cast spirit and "Bao Jianfeng from sharpen out" unremittingly, and eventually became a great spirit; learning celadon manufacturing chefs carefully, the pursuit of excellence and perfect art realm of spirit.
Through this trip to the red, red education activities, all Party members more profound understanding of the Chinese revolution the hardships and without the Communist Party there would be no real connotation of new china. China has created a new era of the new revolutionary predecessors, is the firm belief and the iron discipline. Eighteen later, to the country and a new look stand on top of the world, we are proud of the motherland, the motherland proud, today we are going to lead the Shengda continuous innovation, leading the trend of new era up to Communist brand-new attitude and outlook.

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