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To seek consensus, cohesion strength, and great together—Our group party committee secretary of the board honorary President was invited to attend the BBS of the seventh world Chinese entrepreneurs
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My secretary of the Party committee, chairman of the group board of directors honorary party I school was invited to attend the seventh session of the global Chinese Entrepreneurs Forum
In 2013 June 19-21, held by China Economic and Trade Promotion Association hosted the "seventh session of the global Chinese Entrepreneurs Forum" in Shenzhen, the forum invited Wu Guixian, former Vice Premier of the State Council, former vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee Chang Chengsiwei, former National Political Association vice chairman Li Wuwei, as well as the relevant department, appoint, bureau of the main leaders, provinces and cities leaders, distinguished economist, overseas Chinese, Chinese famous entrepreneurs attended. My secretary of the Party committee, chairman of the group of the board of directors shall my school as an honor outstanding entrepreneurs were invited to attend this conference.
At the opening ceremony, China Economic and Trade Promotion Association President He Jihai speech, vice chairman Cheng Siwei long guide report on China's economic development, deputy director Hou Yunchun China opportunities over the next ten years is more than a challenge report. According to the agenda of the meeting, held the economic forum and report. Vice chairman Li Wuwei "the development of creative industries, to make the world a China Wind" report, President Yu Xiaosong as "status quo" China trade economic report. At the same time, from all sectors of the outstanding entrepreneurs representatives made a wonderful speech.
The global Chinese entrepreneurs forum aims to build mutual communication platform, promote the global Chinese entrepreneurs and the Chinese leaders of relevant departments, local governments, cooperation and exchanges between experts and scholars; extensive contacts with Chinese enterprises with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan compatriots, overseas Chinese compatriots Hua Renhua and overseas enterprises friendship, cooperation and development; promote the countries and areas in the world trade, contribute to the development and prosperity of China's economy and trade; to further promote the global Chinese entrepreneurs achieve substantial results.
In June 20th, the artists are represented with a sumptuous "art feast", the closing meeting victory in the harmonious atmosphere. This meeting, I group and return victorious, Shengda Group and chairman of the group, the Board Secretary of the Party Committee Party school honor we were awarded "China economic building excellent enterprise" and "Chinese economic construction outstanding entrepreneurs" title of honor!

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