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Heshang Shengda Group,Party working committee convene a... [2013-03-21]
Recently, Shengda Group Party committee will be held in Jiangsu Yancheng line staff discussion, group Party committee leadership, 32 senior staff to participate in the forum. The meeting employees are generally concerned about the issue, put wage and welfare, training, technical innovation, and put forward many suggestions of the...
Group Shengda: Development of enterprise, for the benefit of... [2013-03-18]
And my school to deal with, this is not the first time. But in the past, I was to see him at work, party I school let me the deepest impression is a disciplinarian and style of work and wise rigorous entrepreneur image. At Shengda creative enterprise for 30 years, through my school and communicate face to face, I realized a different side...
Group Shengda convoke an management cadre conferernce. [2013-02-26]
In February 16th, Shengda Group held 2013 spring management cadre congress at the headquarters of the third floor hall. Group chairman of the board of directors Fang Nengbin, director of the board chairman and President Fang Congyi, chairman Shen Lei, honorary chairman of the board of supervisors Qu Xinya attended the meeting. The...
Mr.Fang nengbin take over Shengda, People are looking... [2013-01-29]
The passionate Shengda song ringing in my ears, master more than 6000 scenic spots with pride and hope. Yesterday afternoon, as the construction enterprises 30 anniversary of the climax, Shengda enterprise inheritance Congress birthplace in Enterprises -- River town Shengda Jiangnan garden. Municipal Standing Committee, party secretary...
The Chairman of Group Shengda ,Mr Fang Wuxiao interview. [2013-01-28]
As Shengda Group chairman of the party I school officially announced, in January 28th he will be officially retired Shengda Group board chairman, and retired at the age of 65. According to the party I school himself, he had made such a decision, is that enterprises more innovation, thus far, more. In the subsequent interview Xiaoshan...
Mr.Fang wuxiao: Redevelopment of the beautiful countryside... [2013-01-07]
Party I school as one of the brightest leader paper packaging industry in China, 27 years out of the living to the business development of the road, to realize from the "grassroots" to the "throne" myth. In the course of struggle in these years, my school party plays another important role, it is deeply trusted deputies. "In the company, ...
Shengda,Aidier make union reorganize Aidier Packing limited ... [2012-06-08]
Shengda Group, ideal companies Qiangqiang joint reorganization Zhejiang ideal packing Limited by Share Ltd signing ceremony was held, Shengda Group to join the Zhejiang ideal packing Limited by Share Ltd 50% stake to 128000000 yuan, realize the complementary advantages. Zhao Liming vice director of standing committee, attended the signing...
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